We teach Oxfordshire school children how to stay safe by using a variety of realistic scenarios designed to replicate home and outdoor environments.

Fire Safety

Raises awareness of how and where fires start, the possible results and what to do in specific situations.

Personal Protective Awareness

Role-play exercise set up in response to specific situations that could be encountered during everyday life.

Home Dangers

Spot the danger in this home, dangerous appliances, items, dangerous substances and situations around the home. What they can do in their own home to make things safer.

Be Rail Safe

Brings home the dangers of being near or on the railways. We highlight various risks and potential outcomes.

Dog Safety

How to recognise and react to the signs of a dog and know if it is safe to approach it.

Water Safety

An imaginary water area with a person drowning highlights what can be done to help.

Road Safety

The opportunity to practice basic road safety rules and procedures on our road.

Internet Safety / Bullying

Making them aware of what could happen on social media/online and what to do about it, how to report it etc.

Recovery Position - this is the same room as the dog safety, it depends on what staff we have on the day as to which scenario is run. 

We give step by step instructions and they can practice this and know when to do it.

Emergencies incorporated into some of the scenarios let all children make a 999 call to an operator to ask for the relevant emergency service.