Each Junior Citizens Trust school visit lasts for approximately two hours.

  • Morning session: 9.30 - 11.30am
  • Afternoon session: 12.30 - 14.30pm

During this time each child experiences a safety scenario where they are taught a variety of skills and suggested ways to safely deal with a situation which could arise during daily life.

The aim of each safety scenario is to allow children the opportunity of recognising and dealing with danger in a realistic way and one which they will remember, should they need to cope with a similar situation in real life.


Arrival and introduction

  • Children are divided into groups of four to five
  • Each group will experience eight different interactive scenarios
  • Each child makes a 999 call in one of the scenarios
  • Each scenario is conducted by an expert in the field and "real life"
  • Closing talk with presentation of the Junior Citizens Trust workbook for each child, also useful for teachers in any follow up activity

Checklist for sessions

  • Transport organised
  • Parental consent forms sent and received
  • Children told to bring a drink if appropriate
  • Any special needs highlighted to us
  • Name labels for children
  • Insurance obtained for trip away from school
  • Girls are wearing trousers/shorts