Booking enquiry form

Each year we invite all year 6 Oxfordshire schools pupils to attend our Junior Citizens Trust programme. If your school has not received an invitation and you would like to attend the Junior Citizens Trust please contact us.


Use the drop down list below to select your area to see the date of sessions and the number of places available. If there is are no suitable dates we might be able to add you to a waiting list. Please fill out a booking form and select 'Go on waiting list' as an option.

Area Date Time Spaces available
West 9/9/2019 Morning 7
West 9/9/2019 Afternoon 12
West 10/9/2019 Morning 13
West 10/9/2019 Afternoon Fully booked
West 11/9/2019 Morning 16
West 11/9/2019 Afternoon Fully booked
West 12/9/2019 Morning Fully booked
West 12/9/2019 Afternoon Fully booked
West 13/9/2019 Morning 22
West 13/9/2019 Afternoon Fully booked
West 23/9/2019 Morning 14
West 23/9/2019 Afternoon Fully booked
West 24/9/2019 Morning Fully booked
West 24/9/2019 Afternoon 12
West 25/9/2019 Morning Fully booked
West 25/9/2019 Afternoon 14
West 26/9/2019 Morning Fully booked
West 26/9/2019 Afternoon Fully booked
West 27/9/2019 Morning Fully booked
West 27/9/2019 Afternoon Fully booked
City 4/11/2019 Morning 12
City 4/11/2019 Afternoon Fully booked
City 5/11/2019 Morning 12
City 5/11/2019 Afternoon 12
City 6/11/2019 Morning 16
City 6/11/2019 Afternoon 14
City 7/11/2019 Morning 12
City 7/11/2019 Afternoon 12
City 8/11/2019 Morning 12
City 8/11/2019 Afternoon 12
City 18/11/2019 Morning 12
City 18/11/2019 Afternoon 11
City 19/11/2019 Morning 12
City 19/11/2019 Afternoon 11
City 20/11/2019 Morning 10
City 20/11/2019 Afternoon 12
City 21/11/2019 Morning Fully booked
City 21/11/2019 Afternoon 11
City 22/11/2019 Morning 11
City 22/11/2019 Afternoon 12

Cancellation fee

There is a charge of £75 if a visit is cancelled less than 2 weeks in advance and £150 if the visit is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice. This does not including weekends (e.g. a Monday visit would have to be cancelled by the previous Wednesday for the lower fee).

If you need to cancel a visit contact us as soon as possible so we can try to arrange other schools to take your place.

Booking enquiry

To make an enquiry complete the form below.

If you have more then 40 children contact us to discuss your requirements.

Special requirements

Let us know if you have any special needs requirements e.g. language, mobility, hearing etc to assist your pupils and our staff.

Designated teacher details

Date of session